Device Presets

Name Description Author Version
Android Phone Presets for all known Android phones Daniel G. Taylor 1.4
Apple AppleTV H.264/AAC in MP4 for AppleTV TCH 1.0
Apple iPad H.264/AAC for Apple iPad Daniel G. Taylor 1.1
Apple iPhone / iPod H.264/AAC for Apple iPod / iPhone Daniel G. Taylor 1.2
Archos 3 Vision Xvid + MP3 for archos H. Dussuel 1.0
Archos 5 Internet Tablet H.264/AAC for A5IT Daniel Gstöhl 1.0
Blackberry H.264/AAC in MP4 for blackberry dimitri zilinski 1.0
Blackberry 8520 MPEG-4/MP3 diego2k 1.0
Computer H.264/AAC or Theora/Vorbis for the computer Daniel G. Taylor 1.6
Computer (Advanced) H.264/AAC or Theora/Vorbis for the computer Dionisio E Alonso 0.1
Cowon D2 MPEG4 for the touchscreen Cowon D2 Daniel G. Taylor 1.0
Cowon S9 Cowon S9 Audio/Video Player David Daester 1.0
Creative ZEN MPEG4 in AVI for your Creative ZEN geinux 1.1
DVD Player DivX or MPEG2 for DVD players Daniel G. Taylor 1.1
DVD Player SVCD Super Video CD for DVD Player jEsuSdA 8) 1.0
HTC Desire dobrajakos mateusz 1.0
HTC Touch (Elf) avi Gremlin_ZP 1.0
LG GS290 MPEG4 for LG GS290 mobile phone Richard Eszes 1.0
Netbook Optimized media for netbooks and small laptops Dennis van der Pool 1.0
Nintendo Wii Nintendo Wii WiiMC jon 1.0
Nokia 5230, 5530, 5800 MPEG4/AAC in MP4 for Nokia 5xxx Adrian Dimitrov 1.0
Nokia N Series Presets for Nokia N Series devices Daniel G. Taylor 1.2
Nokia N97 MPEG4 Video with AAC Audio Amichai Rotman 1.0
Nokia S60v3 5320 H264 320x240/AAC 128 thyranus 1.0
PDA Generic MPEG4 in AVI for your PDA LM 1.0
Palm Pre/Pre Plus H.264/AAC in MP4 for Palm Pre and Palm Pre Plus Jeremy Lopez 1.0
Samsung F-480 H.264/AAC for Samsung F480 TouchWiz JStock 1.0
Samsung Galaxy Tab H.264/AAC in MP4 for Galaxy Tab Ronny Gonzales 1.0
Samsung Jet S8000 H264+AAC for Samsung Jet S8000 Leonardo Eguia 1.0
Sony Ericsson K850i MP4 Sony Ericsson 320x240 Oleksandr 1.0
Sony Ericsson Naite MP4 for Sony Ericsson Arif Tri Waluyo 1.0
Sony Ericsson Vivaz H.264 for Vivaz Moreno 1.0
Sony Ericsson W995 Mpeg4/AAC in MP4 for SE W995 4m 1.0
Sony NWZ-818 H.264/AAC for Sony NWZ-818 Patrick Ulbrich 1.0
Sony PSP H.264/AAC for Playstation portable Daniel G. Taylor 1.1
Sony Playstation 3 H.264/AAC for Playstation 3 Daniel G. Taylor 1.1
Sony Xperia MP4 for the Xperia x10 nikhil 1.1
Vimeo Plus H.264/AAC in MP4 for Vimeo HD Tony Mercurio 1.0
Web Browser Media for World Wide Web Ferran Basora Roca 1.3
Web Browser (Advanced) Media for World Wide Web Dionisio E Alonso 0.1
XBMC Xbox Xvid + MP3 for XBMC for Xbox Glen Porritt 1.0
YouTube Convert your videos for Youtube HD OStage 1.0

Note: Arista Transcoder ships with some of these presets already installed. They are listed here so that you can update them manually if needed.

Click on a preset name to download it. Install via the File -> Install device preset menu item in Arista Transcoder.